Rules of Cricket Betting | IPL Betting

Top Golden Rules of Cricket Betting

  • Bet should be in equal amount:

If you are placing a bet then each bet should be of fixed and equal amount.  Do not try to increase or decrease the amount whether you have won or lost. The chances of lossing money will be more when you will change your betting amount. If you playing the bet with same amount then there will be chance to recover your lossing money easily. So always bet with the same amount with each other.

  • Do not try to put your full amount in one bet:

Never try to put your full amount in single bet because if you will put all your amounts in single bet and unfortunately if you will loose your first bet then you will have nothing to recover that lossing money. So for that you always divide that huge amount into 10 parts or more because if you will loose your first bet then you have 9 chances to recover that loosing amount. So always be careful during betting and always start the bet with small amount and remain constant.


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